Laser Marking

Precision marking, engraving, or ablation for Implantable Devices and Orthopedic/Dental Instrumentation.


Utilizing a high precision neodymium-fiber laser system, DOT America can mark various substrates through annealing (coloring with heat), engraving (removing material), or ablation of coating layers (removing coating). The size of clear text can be of the magnitude of .010 inches of total height. 

Laser marking of the direct device is commonly used for identification, branding, ease of use attributes, and functional marking (such as depth lines) of almost all types of implants and instruments. The direct device identification is often invaluable when failures occur and complaints require investigation. 

The US FDA has issued final rules on unique device identification (UDI), eventually requiring all reusable devices needing re-sterilization to be directly marked with a UDI. Other countries are or have issued additional direct marking regulations. Laser marking, engraving, or ablation is a potential solution for these devices.

Sample devices with a strong history of utilizing bone laser marking and engraving:

  • Practically all devices and instruments.